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A special meeting point for kids aged 5 - 12

What is the Adventure Play Hub?

Adventure Play Hub is London's oldest adventure playground. It was opened in 1957 and throughout the years, the playground has been, and continues to be, managed by a committed group of volunteers and parents. 


What we offer

The Playground has a number of exciting structures and activities that the kids will love including the American Swing, Zip Line and Sports.


Children are supervised by our qualified Playworkers at Adventure Play Hub.







Adventure Play Hub also provides indoor play facilities where we offer a selection of toys and activities including:


Arts & Crafts




Board Games

Table Tennis

Table Football

Card Games

Dressing up Table

Homework Space

Quiet Area


A walking bus is available from Robinsfield and Barrowhill Schools. Our staff will collect the children directly from the Schools and bring them to the Playground.


We are proud to have created a great learning environment for the children to thrive, aspire and achieve.

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