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Mission Statement

Our aims are to provide:

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We offer an environment that's totally different to school, which allows children to express themselves freely.


Our staff are fully trained, and committed to running an exceptional play service. As well as our staff, the playground is often helped by local volunteers doing their Duke of Edinburgh awards.


We believe that it is beneficial for everyone to have local young people volunteering to support play.

  • A safe and secure environment for children & young people

  • Education to parents and carers about the importance of play and risk benefit play 

  • An inclusive service that caters for children’s needs

  • An environment that is child-centred and focuses on listening to children’s needs and choices

  • A stimulating environment that develops children’s physical, social and emotional needs through our play setting

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Our Partners

We work with a number of local organisations to ensure that we run a fully supported play service. They include:

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The American School in London - a local school whose students and teachers volunteer to support the playground.

Salusbury World Refugee Centre  - a charity that supports refugee and asylum seeking children and families. Established in 1999, it was the first refugee centre to be set up within a primary school.

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